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This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Louisiana


Tankerman and Deckhand

The tankerman / deckhand are directly responsible and accountable to the Captain, his relief, or wheelman, working directly under him and following his instructions.

The tankerman / deckhand are primarily accountable for his own health, safety and cleanliness. He must be familiar with Settoon Towing, L.L.C. policies, procedures, safety rules and regulations and must abide by them at all times.

Tankerman / Deckhand duties vary from vessel to vessel and from watch to watch. The Captain sets the watchstanding schedule for the crew. The Captain or his Relief must ensure that the Tankerman / Deckhand stands the proper watch and performs the proper duties. These may include but are not limited to the following:

Operation Duties:

· Making up the tow

· Dropping, spotting and switching barges at docks

· Assisting the vessel and tow in making locks

· Standing lockout, or riding the head of the tow as a lockout

· Performing the various tasks necessary to carry out the above, such as making a

· coupling, operating winches and ratchets and line handling, including splicing and throwing lines.

Maintenance Duties:

· Chipping and painting

· Repairing of flame screens, cleaning p/v valves, greasing winches, etc.

· Other equipment maintenance as needed

Housekeeping Duties:

· Cleaning or scouring the boat

· Cleaning quarters, including personal quarters

· Cleaning the wheelhouse and galley

· Cleaning the heads and companionways

· Maintaining the barge, grease winches, dogs on hatch covers, etc.

· Performing other cleaning chores as directed by the Captain

All Tankerman will remain on the barge from start to finish while loading and pumping. Tankerman will be given periodic rest periods by licensed personnel. There will be no books, radios, etc., on the barge while the transfer is in progress.

Never top off or strip more than one barge at a time.

Reporting any hazardous or unsafe condition to the Captain and making "on the spot" corrections when capable.

Other duties as directed by the Captain or his relief.

Vessel Personnel Physical Requirements


1. Must climb ladders.

2. Must perform heavy lifting.

3. Is required to engage in strenuous pulling.

4. Must be able to keep footing in sea conditions.

5. Position involves frequent standing.

6. All individuals required to meet the physical qualifications of a Tankerman/Deckhand may not be accommodated.

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