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This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Louisiana



A Wheelman must have a US Coast Guard license as Master of Towing vessels, endorsed for service on Inland Waters, Near Coastal Waters and Western Rivers. They must also hold a Radar Endorsement.

The Wheelman is directly responsible to the Captain and acts on behalf of the Captain when on watch.

While on watch, the Wheelman is responsible for the safety and welfare of the vessel, its crew and tow.

Should the Captain become incapacitated or leave the vessel for any reason, the Wheelman becomes acting Captain and assumes the responsibility, authority and duties of the Captain. Therefore, he should at all times be familiar with the Captain's responsibilities, authority, and duties as outlined in this procedure. In the event the Wheelman assumes command, he must immediately notify the office and advise the Marine Personnel Department of the reasons therefor.

The Wheelman must stand his watch in the pilothouse, relieving the Captain, even while the vessel is tied up.

The Wheelman must ensure that all logs are completed for the period he is on watch and enter crew changes occurring on his watch in the Master Vessel Log Book.

Other duties as directed.

Vessel Personnel Physical Requirements


1. Must climb ladders.

2. Must perform moderate lifting.

3. Must be able to keep footing in sea conditions.

4. Position involves frequent standing.

(Note: This individual may be accommodated)

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